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Dear Friends, Cousins, Aunties, Uncles, Grandmothers and Grandfather,

At the 17 of May 2007 @ 5:50 AM (with just 5hours and 50 minutes delay) I finally returned physical freedom to my endlessly patient and strong mother Daniela.
With 3740g and 50cm length (which is 8.5% of my mother’s weight and 32% of her length) I almost managed to paralyze her at the final stage of pregnancy. So thanks a lot Mum, recover well and keep it up – I will require your Energy !
Now, while the happiest parents in the world start dreaming about what the most beautiful baby ever born (I am just another new born child as you can see in the picture…) will be doing in the future (PGA, Tennis or Football champ, Rock Star, Piano Virtuoso, Actor or Noble Price Carrier …), I am starting to make my own plans – but please don’t tell them, I need to keep them motivated for the next 18 years at least !
You may wonder, why the son of a Slovak mother and German father, who is born in Switzerland (in Ticino, the Italian spoken part of Switzerland to be precise) is writing in English ?!
My made in England trademark will most likely not impact my language spectrum in any form I guess…
So the answer is, that due to my parents, I will obviously be obliged to speak Slovak and German – not negotiable.
If I want to survive in my environment, I better speak Italian as well.
As my father doesn’t speak any Slovak or French (another language my mother is fluent in), my mother speaks neither German nor Italian (yet), both communicate in English between each other.
So if I ever want to be part of a family discussion I have to somehow manage four languages – sounds almost like a case for the child abuse line, don’t you think ???
Any suggestions welcome, but careful - especially with my father! The guy is way over 40 and smart ideas from the outside are better placed somehow that makes it look that they came from himself, otherwise they risk not to fly, even if good…
Enough for the beginning – so far, life looks like something interesting !
I am very much looking forward to meet all of you hopefully soon !!!
All the best,

In Lugano, 17.5.2007                Maximilian Paul

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